Chef Daniel Tellez Reynoso has been bringing Mexican traditional cuisine to the 21st Century since his first restaurant opening. Mezcal is a big part of those traditions. He traveled all seven regions for two years to select only the best expressions of this true Mexican spirit. In 2014 he met Mezcaleros Juan Claudio and Juan Manuel whom built their distillery in the heart of Oaxaca after years of studying the techniques of mezcal masters who have been practicing the craft for generations.
Located in the beautiful cloud forests in the mountains of the Sola de Vega region of Oaxaca, this distillery is the cornerstone of a whole vision. This vision includes the preservation and sustainable use of all the resources used in the production of the spirits. Our initiatives include a multivarietal seed bank, and reforestation programs that promote sustainable cultivation methods. This vision also guides our production practices which follow biodynamic principles and when possible, utilize solar energy, the composting of spent agave pulp, and even converting unusable distillate to be used as a fuel source to power our facility’s machinery